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Meet the Founder

Joquetta Batista is the current CEO and Founder of Collective Sistahood, Inc., a growing organization founded on the principles of healing and legacy building for growing Black led organizations across South Florida.


Joquetta has 18 years of experience as a Social Worker, Spiritual Wellness Coach and Advisor. She is an Advanced Clinician who is outgoing and community focused, with a vast history with multicultural populations. Joquetta functions as a Change Agent, linking families to community resources to help promote safe and secure environments for Black and Brown families who are at risk of maltreatment and neglect. 


Her expertise engages individuals and organizations with understanding Trauma Informed Communities, as well as, bridging the gap between social services, social justice and activism. She is skilled at managing systems and adhering to local, state and federal guidelines governing social services. 


Joquetta’s passion lies in the belief that people can heal once they understand that they are spiritual vessels with special abilities to create their own successful life stories. 


The miracle can happen at anytime. Moment.

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