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Our Mission:

A collection of organizations joining to serve, educate and promote social welfare in our communities.

Collective Sistahood Vision is "Uniting Gifts & Fighting Deprivation."We are a Black Led Organization Building Equity back into Black Communities. Dismantling modern-day slavery. Uplifting Our People to break the chains of oppression. Celebrating Black excellence, rebirthing a nation of Goodwill Ambassadors of our ancestors for generations to come.

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Let’s come together to contribute to a better world.
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We are a non for profit organization that influences 200 black and brown young minds to take forward equality and unity in the community. Here at Collective Sistahood, we encourage the creation of long-lasting businesses for uplifting the quality of life issues, which affects our society. 

Our area of focus includes:

  • Expressive Arts

  • Nature

  • Community Knowledge and Economics

  • Vision for the Future

We intend to cultivate new found friendships and partnerships that will allow us to help each other bring our gifts and talents together. 
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The areas of concentration we focus on are Expressive Arts, Nature, Community Knowledge & Economics, and Vision for the Future.


Develop Gifts

Here at Collective Sistahood, Inc along with our paid members we help develop the businesses of your choice that will help promote the redemption of poverty that is affecting Our Black Neighborhoods. As a 501 (c) 3 Organization we’re committed to putting our Black dollars to work. Junior Members are not too young to cultivate their dreams. By supporting our organization you will be a viable partner responsible for changing the culture of our society. 

Multiracial Hands

Holistic Healing

Your wellness and wellbeing is the determining factor of how long you’ll live .  Historically we pride having the oldest person in our family in comparison with to our friends . Apart from traditional medicine our goal is to Educate Black Americans of their history of old folk remedies of their ancestors.


Expressive Arts

Expressive arts we practice the use of imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, writing, movement, dream work and visual arts in an integrated way to foster human growth, development and healing. It is the way these elements are combined which help our children cultivate their gifts. 
Our children is our investments. Above you see a piece done by one of young artist... who specializes in digital art.  We support young entrepreneurs, to learn new innovative ways of creating multiple streams of income. Legacy building start with our young.


Image by Rock Staar

Auntie Talk

Auntie realignment because sometimes y'all be acting crazy and Auntie Joey gonna let you know wassup

Liquid Bubbles

Auntie Mediation

Auntie Mediation- uses RJT Restorative Justice Circle Keeping  because, somebody rubbed you the wrong way

Digital Literacy been rockin'

These classes have been rocking the Aventura area, peep our work. Our instructor is really focused on brining in the skills.

Digital Literacy- Aventura Library by Instructor Ari

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